Our expert nail technician Nara Gregorio offers clients countless options for nail care. When receiving nail services, our clients enjoy a relaxing time with a dedicated professional ready to care of your hands and feet.

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UV Gel Manicures are the perfect option to not only leave your nails with a beautiful gloss, but also to add an artificial extension to your nails. An alternative to acrylics, UV Gel manicures use the non-harmful rays of UV light to bond gels to your nails, with the natural wavelength of this light providing a stiff feeling on your nails.

The beauty of UV Gel manicures, and even pedicures, is the wide capabilities of our artist to produce unique designs custom tailored to your look. These manicures are extremely durable, lasting up to a month when properly cared for. Although a little longer than a simple Gel Manicure, the UV process is easy and provides you a great option for enhancing your natural beauty. 


Where it can be fun to color your nails, for many of our busy, on the go clients, the upkeep is something they desire to avoid. Just because your schedule may not allow for a gel manicure, it does not mean you need to sacrifice your nail and hand care. The milk manicure offers a calming solution where our team will strengthen your nails and relieve the built-in stress our hands experience.

Milk manicures will take care of general nail care by trimming away hangnails, softening rough skin, and pushing back your cuticles. Your nails will also be shaped and buffed to a beautiful shine. The highlight of our milk manicure is the final stage of moisturizing and massaging. This relaxing process uses the best products to rejuvenate your skin and provide a healthy glow to your nails and skin.


Similar to the milk manicure, the milk pedicure uses natural products and expert nail care to soften the skin on your feet while strengthening your nails. A milk pedicure is a perfect option for relaxing your feet with comfortable treatment ending in a massage. Milk pedicures take care of trimming your nails, softening rough skin, and pushing back cuticles. Nails are also shaped and buffed before the final massage of your foot in a milk bath using the best products to offer you a quality experience.

A milk pedicure is a perfect treatment for yourself or a loved one looking to release the stress we bear in our feet.



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