Denver’s Boutique Makeup Artists

Our owner, Gina Comminello has over 20 years in the beauty industry, traveling the world and working for industry leading brands including Dior, Chanel, and Yves Saint Laurent. Across her career, she has been named and recognized by national magazines for her makeup artistry. Her passion for educating clients, understanding of makeup, and willingness to explore new ideas all have carried over to THE LOOK.

Makeup As Unique As Your Skin

Our team of professional makeup artists specializes in creating custom makeup designs tailored to your desired appearance and event.

Our Specialties

Specialties include Weddings, Private Events, Happy Hour Parties, and our extremely popular Makeup Lessons. Our renowned makeup lessons educate you on your new design in an intimate setting.

All our services are available in studio or on location.


Every makeup application is uniquely built around your style, desired appearance, and your foundation. There is no one right way to create your beautiful makeup design. Our team specializes in working with our customers. You are our partner in creating a look that works for you.

All makeup applications utilize a custom blend of the highest quality products. Our applications are designed by experts for you, ensuring you a one of a kind, beautiful look you could not find anywhere else.


Our makeup artists do not only want you to look beautiful once. Instead, we empower every customer to understand how they can continuously apply makeup to feel personally beautiful. Makeup lessons are one of our most sought after services with Gina frequently traveling across the country to host these sessions for bridal parties and fashion events.

Throughout our makeup lesson, you are instructed in the finer details of makeup application, trained in various techniques, and taught about how different makeups can impact your skin. Our private makeup lessons are the perfect way to treat yourself or another. Even better, bring our team as a part of your private event.


Our custom blended foundations service delivers you a superior foundation designed 100% for your skin. During our initial 45-60 minute service, one of our makeup artists will work with your skin to create a custom blended foundation designed specifically around your complexion, tone and desired outcomes! After this first visit, you leave with customized creation in hand while our team keeps a copy of your recipe on file. 

Custom foundation can be refilled with a quick call ahead of time. By the time you arrive at THE LOOK, one of our makeup artist will have the exact recipe ready for your immediate use. Our custom blended foundations are designed to enhance your natural beauty while saving you time.



From bridal parties to wedding preparation to black tie events, our expert makeup artists regularly travel for private events. With a national reputation for her work, Gina is regularly on the road applying custom makeup creations for our customers. There is no event too far or small to make sure your makeup is perfect. Let us manage your makeup needs for your private event, providing beautiful designs on your time.



We offer cutting-edge hair, makeup and beauty techniques from head to toe and strive to achieve complete satisfaction from our clients. 

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We look forward to seeing you in our salon and helping you feel beautiful! Call us at 303.322.4902 or click here to email us.